“The characters meet in the Dark Dragon Tavern. While there, Alastair Brathadair approaches them to be his bodyguard into the forest. As a reward they will get 200gp + 50% of anything found in there.”

Omth is an ancient city-stronghold that was long ago abandoned and left to the monsters and demons. The party found it filled with a varied array of creatures and traps and treasures. Eventually, after losing a party member, they fought with a great demon and then got back to Midgard to relieve themselves of loot.

Among the rooms and halls of Omth, the party encountered some very odd challenges, not the least of which was a life-sized chessboard. They successfully played their way to victory and then were able to move on. In a later room, they found a strange puzzle written on a plaque that was nailed to the door.

"Shadowy lights
and umbral gloom
Blackness woven
On Midnight's loom
Sweeping like
A creeping doom
Over sun, and
Star, and moon"

The dwarf, Ragnaroc found a great Golden Warhammer in one of the rooms of Omth. In another room, the party found an entire forest. The heroes were hard pressed when, upon entering a small room, the doorways were sealed and sand began to fill to room. they only just managed to keep themselves from suffocating. Also, while exploring, the party came upon a pit trap. Having found it, now all they needed to do was jump over it. Everyone was successful but the dwarf, Ragnaroc.He fell down the hole, injuring himself and falling unconscious from the pain. Ivellios was lowered on a rope and managed to stabilize Ragnaroc before looting the corpse of a previous adventurer that was at the bottom of the pit. Later, they needed to go back the other way, and this time Ragnaroc was able to make it across. Content Not Found: klystru, however was not so lucky. He fell in and had to be pulled back up with a rope.


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