Rathgor of the Gray

Rathgor, a half-elf dabbler in magic. He uses both arcane and divine spells from his deity, Nerull.


Rathgor is a level 3 cleric, level 3 wizard, and a level 2 mystic theurge. He is becoming adept at blending his divine and arcane spellcasting in the heat of battle. He still is able to rush into combat with Deathbringer his enchanted longsword.His worship of Nerull and his devotion to his spellcasting are equal. The death god has granted him the unique ability to heal his allies, but he has retained the power to command the dead. HP-52 (wizard/cleric) AC-18 Important skills- craft (gem, bone, copper, weapons) decipher script, diplomacy, heal, Knowledge (lots) Sense motive, spellcraft Item creation feats- Brew Potion, and Scribe Scroll


Rathgor was born and immediately sold to an orphanage, which in turn raised the youngsters to work in slave mines. Rathgor was different; he didn’t quietly obey the masters and delighted in killing little animals that couldn’t defend themselves. He also displayed no fear of the dead and instead grew more curious. Eventually he learned that he could gain power more easily with undead subjects than with living ones. When he was 12 years of age the orphanage came under attack by goblins seeking slaves of their own. He escaped with 3 other youngsters his age, and sought after more power. Eventually he learned of his innate healing talents and his strength over the dead. He also wished for the destructive power of arcane magic. When he turned 20 he was initiated into a guild of clerics that served Nerull, all of which helped him master his talents. The guild supplied him with all the things necessary to become a cleric of death and provided his home for many months. At age 25 he decided adventuring would bring him even more fame and glory so he set off. He later met up with two of his comrades from his orphanage days, the twins Grishnaayk and Dinarclaw who were now slightly popular half-orc barbarians. The three of them traveled together for a time but ended up traveling their own paths. For a time he kept to himself lurking in libraries searching for greater powers than his own and learned a great deal about both arcane and divine magic. He even began to learn the languages of demons and beings from the other planes. Adventuring still called to him and he finally returned to life on the road. He has since then found quite a profitable living among a new party with fellows such as Ragnarok and Roark. He remains somewhat wary around Nightmare and doesn’t trust Roark to keep his word but he does fit in okay. He still seeks to become a master of death and believes learning of both arcane and divine magic is the key. He seeks to further his goals and doesn’t allow anyone to stop him. He believes that an ancient amulet was created by a dracolich and enchanted to raise and control the dead, he seeks this “drakesoul amulet” at all costs even if it means that he has to sacrifice his allies and undead minions. He one day hopes to call himself the first one to cheat death for over a millennia; If he has to finish off dragons, liches and ghosts to accomplish his goal so much the better. He looks to find a way to create a new hybrid magic by fusing arcane and divine energy into one destructive and mighty power. If he were to accomplish this goal his skills would be taught to few and only those who vow eternal loyalty to him. His new order would be called “Mages of the Gray” and all members would learn this new magic and gain much new power. This gray magic would be both destructive and restorative although much physical sacrifice would be necessary to join the order, as this weird magic would corrupt the body and deplete strength. He would hope that, as he would live forever that the order would grow in members and strength until they rivaled the Red Wizards of Thay. Eventually the Mages of the Gray might be strong enough to rival all spellcasting guilds in this world and beyond. He wishes to become a greater lich than anyone before him. Archlichdom is his eternal goal, and if blood must be spilt to get him there; well too bad. In some small part of his mind he truly wants to find his true parents and deal with them as appropriate. He also seeks revenge on the masters of the orphanage that possibly survived the goblin attack. One day he will bring forth all his power to cast the spell that will undoubtedly prolong his life forever. When he is tired of living forever (if that day comes) he will surround himself by his undead servants and traps to be rid of this world.

Rathgor of the Gray

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