Knightbrother Lord astrant Caedin Indrike

A half-elven ranger from the desert wastes


Astrant is a 5th level ranger with 3 levels of Dread Commando. Astrant wears a +1 Mithril chain shirt and wields Byth-Kandoni, a +1 ghost touch great scimitar. Astrant fights with his great scimitar in the front line of the party.


The house of Caedin has long held the title of Lord over the small town of Jurgngard. They have a history of being harsh, cruel, and slow-witted. But one child had none of these qualities. Bertra Caedin was a shy, good-natured girl and, as such, was shunned by her family. Eventually, when she was nineteen, she fled her home. After wandering, hungry, for three days she was found by an elf named Chaekil Indrike. He cared for Bertra and nursed her back to health. After a time, they fell in love and were married. Bertra became pregnant and bore a son, but, sadly, died in childbirth. Chaekil raised the boy whom he had named Astrant (for the odd eyes that the boy had) Caedin Indrike. When Astrant was old enough, Chaekil told him of his mother’s past and sent him out into the world. On his father’s advice, Astrant went not to his greddy relatives first, but instead went to the great swords master, Dumil Abn-Ghazi. Astrant found Dumil at his home in the great Northern Desert. It took strangely little for Astrant to be accepted by Dumil. For five years the growing Astrant studied battle under Dumil, but, one day, everything came crashing down. An old foe of Dumil’s came calling: Thesstalos the Crawler, a Scorpion Heritor of great power. Dumil had defeated him on several occasions in the preceding years. But this time Dumil was not so fortunate. Thesstalos got the drop on Astrant and knocked him unconscious. He awoke to find the desert hut demolished and his master dead. But, just before dying, Dumil had taken Thesstalos’s greatest triumph from him. Dumil used his last breath to drive his great scimitar, Desert Hawk, deep into the sand and at the same time cast a spell that sealed the blade into the ground until the rightful owner should claim it. Astrant discovered his master’s charred body lying next to the sword hilt jutting up from the sand. After grieving, Astrant grabbed the sword hilt and drew the sword easily from the ground. There, in the pale desert moonlight, Astrant swore vengeance against Thesstalos, and sealed the oath by renaming his master’s sword Byth-Kandoni, For Justice.

Before he fought Thesstalos, Astrant knew that he would need to train more. So he journeyed to Jurgngard to reclaim his birth right. When he arrived there, his cousin Debrin was the Lord and his high taxes and cruel punishments had the people suffering. Enraged at the sight of poverty and starvation in the town while Debrin and his cronies feasted in the manor on top of the Gallows Hill, Astrant marched into the dining hall and denounced his cousin. Debrin was infuriated, and the only thing that stopped him from having Astrant arrested and executed on the spot was the fact that King Azoun, the Purple Dragon himself was dining with them. So, instead, Debrin was forced to stand by and watched as the King questioned Astrant and then called his court wizard to validate Astrant’s claims of Lordship. The magical test returned positive and King Azoun congratulated Astrant on his new title. The king then banished Debrin forever from his kingdom.

Astrant’s people loved him. For once they could eat and received fair trial. But Astrant’s elven blood brought with it a strong wanderlust, and his oath of vengeance burned like a torch in his mind. So, he left his mother’s step-brother Handu Kheblen acting as steward and went adventuring. Unfortunately, what Astrant did not realize was that Handu was being was being blackmailed by Debrin, and so was forced to help sneak him back into the country and reinstate him in the manor.

Knightbrother Lord astrant Caedin Indrike

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